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Цена: 1100 руб.
Артикул: AMIG-PANZ0060
Наличие на складе: Да
Подробное описание:

WARNING. This book is only in ENGLISH language

2- Good, Ugly and formal. Churchill Mk. IV.
Everyone knows about the quality of Antonio Martín s articles. In this case we ll like to point out the mileage he s gotten from the accessories, tarps, additional track links, etc. used to infuse life into this peculiar vehicle. He also explains in his usual skillful manner all the paint treatments he s used on his Churchill.

16- Cruiser Tank A13 MKIII.
Another in-house author: Chema Cabrero. He s created this simple yet beautiful scene designed to enhance this fabulous A 13. A most unusual vehicle in shows in spite of its beauty and fantastic painting possibilities it offers. Chema knows better and has recreated a "Counter" camo without any "fantasy" colors in a well-documented and executed vehicle displaying his phenomenal skills. This is a feature where acrylic paint rules; this article is a good excuse for learning more about their use and possibilities.

28- Cruiser Tank Mk VI (A-15) Crusader III.
Juan Luis Mercadal is a Panzer Aces veteran. This is for a reason. Anybody who s read any of his articles (and this one is no exception) knows how attentive to detail he is and how well documented his works are. This is exactly what you ll find here, a careful assembly where he takes care and improves every little detail on this vehicle, capping off his work with a highly realistic and perfectly executed paintjob. We can t ask for more.

40- The Queen of the Desert. Matilda Mk.II A.
Fernando Granell Olszewski is a way too young Valencian modeler with an unusual talent as you ll find out in this article featuring the Matilda in a medium sized scale. In here he ll show us how he follows step by step a number of different elaborate techniques backed by numerous pictures. The results are absolutely spectacular.

50- Grant Tank MKI.
And the son learned from the father. Fernando Granell Bosch tells us about the exhaustive detailing work done on this model kit. This is full of merit when taking the scale into consideration. Additionally he s created a dio framing, enhancing and placing this Grant AFV in a desert scene. We love the result he s achieved along with the realistic effect created by his appealing painting techniques.

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